How to Write a Bibliography for a Research Paper: 8 Basic Instructions

Writing a bibliography research paper content can vary depending on information being recorded. There are different ways to write one based on the source such as a book, website, or print publication. You also need to pay attention to guidelines for your project and the formatting style required for the content. To get a better idea of what your content should look like when completed consider using an example project or a sample bibliography available online. Here are basic details to know when creating your content.

Details to Help You Write

The bibliography provides information related to sources used during research. What is presented in this section should be accurate and correct to avoid plagiarism. When this section is created it has expectations you should meet as far as how it is presented and how it relates to the data featured in your work. It is important to understand basic actions related to creating this portion of your project. The following details give an idea of what you need to do when preparing your bibliography.

  1. Refer to guidelines for your project regarding referencing requirements. Note any special details or information your bibliography must reflect.
  2. Note the required formatting style for your project. It could be APA, MLA, etc. The formatting style dictates how your sources will be written and presented.
  3. Find a sample bibliography following the required formatting style for your assignment. You can use online academic databases for sample papers and homework help sites, where you can purchase essays.
  4. Make list of references and sources. You may have a list already created during or before you started research. The list makes it easy to include all sources used.
  5. Make citations for articles. Refer to your written sample or formatting style guidebook for more insight.
  6. Make citations for books. As necessary complete the same action in number five.
  7. Make citations for websites.
  8. Reference in-text citations if using APA format.

Additional Information to Remember

When writing a bibliography for a research paper it is important to pay attention to details to ensure proper credit is given to your sources. There are example bibliographies online you can review to get an idea of what your content should look like when completed. Since there are many small details to pay attention to it helps to have a well-written sample to compare along with instructions. The formatting style required for your content will help you write your content according to project guidelines. In this case, an example bibliography in the required formatting style can be very useful. Double-check your content to ensure it is written and organized correctly.

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