How To Format A Research Paper In Turabian Style

You can agree with me that only a few people know how to format a term paper in Turabian style. If you get samples from a research paper service, you can do a background check and understand the principles that need to be taken into consideration. Moreover, you can simply read guidelines from the internet. Just like APA or MLA, Turabian writing style is used by students in most institutions. Even if you are yet to be asked to employ it, it is important to equip yourself with these essential skills prior to the task. This style is majorly based on Chicago style and is majorly employ when crafting history dissertations. One key thing about it is that it does not provide information that may be relevant to publishing of the book. Understand the following basic principles.

The two major citing systems

This style provides writers with two major ways to cite their content. One is only allowed to pick one of the two but not both. Any mistake to use both will make your paper inappropriately cited and therefore, this will definitely attract punishment. The two methods that are mostly used include:

  • Notes and Bibliography method
  • This method involves the use of footnotes and endnotes. These two are employed both within the text and in the bibliography section that normally comes last. You should be familiar with endnotes and footnotes. If you are not, then you should learn how to craft them early before you embark on formatting your paper.

  • Parenthetical method
  • This is now where you employ in-text citations. Every phrase you give from another text has to be quoted with the writer’s name and the year in which it was published. This helps the reader to have a better understanding of the text and also to carry out further exploration.

What makes it special?

Turabian style is similar to the MLA formatting method apart from one major difference: It uses end notes and footnotes which are not commonly used in MLA. This means that if you know how to format a paper in MLA or Chicago, you can as well write it in Turabian style. You can get research paper help and learn this.

Margin spacing

There is usually a space that is left on the left side of the paper at the beginning of every paragraph. Be careful not to leave too much space as this may make everything inappropriate. It is recommended that one should only use one inch spacing from the margin. You should not go beyond this length. Buy a research paper in this style and focus on the spacing.

Spacing between words

When formatting your paper in Turabian style, you should leave double spacing between the words. You should be certain of lecturer going through your paper and he or she may not easily fail to notice whether you have employed correct spacing or not. You need to set double spacing before you start writing. However, some people do the formatting after they are done writing. Simply use the method and if you cannot, get help with research paper writing.


You need top edit your paper by using a special font that can allow every reader to see the words in a proper way. This makes reading easy and therefore, no one will struggle to get the spellings. Some of the fonts are more of decorations and should not be used in writing cheap research papers.

Font size

The font size should be selected carefully to make sure all the words are clearly seen. Avoid too large fonts that lead to big letters and numbers. Similarly, extremely smaller fonts make it difficult for words to be seen clearly. Most people employ font size of 12. Rookies can consider buying a research paper for college.

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